Seat Belts

Unbelted Rider in the Back Could Kill Someone in the Front

by Cheryl Jensen People who don’t buckle up when they ride in the rear seat because they think it’s safer back there are wrong. Instead, they pose a serious danger to themselves and those riding up front, according to a new study and crash test video by the Insurance Institute for …

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Nation’s top highway safety official backs seat belts in school buses

The nation’s top highway safety official said Sunday that his agency has vowed to pursue a policy mandating that every school bus in the nation be equipped with three-point seat belts.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator Mark R. Rosekind used his keynote address at a conference of school transportation officials in Richmond, Virginia, to announce that his agency will focus research on the effectiveness of seat belts aboard school buses.

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U.S. reviewing seat belts on school buses

Arlington, Va. — The new head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reviewing the government’s longtime opposition to mandating safety belts on school buses and is looking at the issue on commercial buses.

In a Detroit News interview after an event on school bus safety at an elementary school here, NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind said he has convened a group within the agency to study the issue that NHTSA has been reviewing since 1977.

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