2004-05 Ford Freestar/Mercury Monterey Transmission Problems

Ford Minivans Investigated for Transmission Failure, NY Times, 11-19-09

NHTSA EA09-016 Investigation Opening Resume, 11-10-09

Class Action Complaint, 6-8-10

Ford Minivans Investigated for Transmission Failure

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has intensified its investigation into transmission failures on about 205,000 Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey minivans from the 2004-2005 model years.

The agency began a preliminary evaluation in July, saying it had received 178 complaints from owners about transmission failure. Some cases resulted “in a sudden loss of vehicle propulsion.”

Ford Automatic 4 speed

February 2001

Dear Consumer:

Thank you for contacting the Center for Auto Safety (CAS) about the AXOD, AXOD-E, AX4S or AX4N automatic transmission in your vehicle. One or another of these transmissions are used in many vehicles including the Taurus, Sable, Windstar, and Continental. CAS has received numerous complaints on chronic stalling, slippage, harsh or erratic shifting, hesitation, and/or sudden failure.

Chrysler Ultradrive

December 2000

Dear Consumer: