Analysts Mull White House’s New Vehicle Emissions Standards

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May 19, 2009


DANIEL BECKER, Safe Climate Campaign: The automakers are weaker. They’ve run out of rope. The Congress won’t listen to them anymore. The Supreme Court told the government to get with it and create standards like these. And the president finally pulled the plug and said, "All right, we’re going to get you guys together and we’re going to make this progress."

This could have happened 20 years ago, but the auto companies fought it year after year, but it’s a little bit like painting a bridge. By the time you finish painting the bridge, it’s time to start at the other end.

And now it’s time to thank the administration for the great work that they’ve done and implement this agreement, but it’s also time to begin to plan the next phase, which is, after 2016, we need to have tougher standards so that we can actually break our addiction to oil and begin to look at and drive new vehicles with new technology and get rid of the internal combustion engine.


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