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TIPM Page Backup 11/21/14

August 21, 2014
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The Center for Auto Safety today filed a petition for a defect investigation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), requesting the agency open a formal investigation into safety-related issues associated with Chrysler’s Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM). Chrysler began installing the TIPM in a wide range of vehicles beginning in the 2007 model year that number in the millions.  Thousands of owners have reported a wide range of serious safety failures related to the TIPM to CAS, NHTSA and complain forums such as carcomplaints.com.  Consumers report frequent vehicle shutdowns with no restart capability on the highway, airbag non-deployment, random horn, headlight, taillight, door lock, instrument panel and windshield wiper activity, power windows going up and down on their own, failure of fuel pump shutoff resulting in unintended acceleration, and fires.

CAS Executive Director Clarence Ditlow said:

  •  Chrysler’s TIPM is a computer run amuck – owners report that their vehicles act as if possessed and leave them in dangerous situations – stalled vehicles stranded without warning on the highway, fuel pumps that won’t shut off, windows that open and shut, airbags that won’t deploy.  The TIPM is in millions of 2007-14 Chrysler vehicles and fails at such high frequency that Chrysler has run out of replacement parts.  Consumers are faced with a terrible dilemma – park the vehicle until parts are available or ride at risk of being in deadly crash.  In a defect petition filed today, CAS seeks a recall of all Chrysler vehicles with defective TIPMs and replacement with a redesigned module that provides safe and reliable vehicle control.
  • This is yet another electronic defect that shows how inadequate NHTSA’s resources are to regulate today’s modern automobile that is little more than a computer on wheels.  NHTSA has no electronic research laboratory or any significant electronic staff capability.  When NHTSA investigated unintended acceleration that involved defective computers, NHTSA went to Chrysler to run EMI tests.  NHTSA even rents space from Honda for its Vehicle Research Test Center to conduct ongoing defect investigation testing and standards research.
  • Chrysler conducted two small recalls on vehicles with defective TIPMs but this was just the tip of the iceberg.  All 2007-14 vehicles with TIPMs must be recalled to ensure Chrysler owners can ride without risk of stalling on the road, having the airbag fail to deploy in a crash, having the fuel pump continue to run and causing a fire or unintended acceleration.

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