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January 2001

Dear Acura Owner:

Thank you for contacting the Center for Auto Safety (CAS) about your
Acura made by Honda.. Although Acura has high customer satisfaction ratings,
they still have problems including sudden acceleration, defective
seat belts, brakes,
and air conditioner mold.
When Honda makes mistakes, it hates to admit them as seen by Federal fines
for failing to recall seat belts sooner and violating emission rules.

A most serious Acura problem is sudden acceleration
for which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted
5 investigations but ordered no recalls. Although 1986-88 Legends had
one of the highest sudden acceleration rates in history, NHTSA closed
its investigation in 1991 without a recall. In 1995 Honda recalled 3.7
million 1986-91 vehicles for faulty seat belt buckles.. Honda has issued
many dozens of Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) to dealers on how to
fix problems in Acura's ranging from mold in air conditioning systems
to alarms that go off when doors are unlocked to electronic power seat
computers that lose their memory. CAS has listed some of the major TSBs
in the enclosed Fact Sheet which tells you how to find other TSBs on your

You'll find more information on these and other Acura problems below
and what you can do about them plus a complaint
. Your information will help us build a strong case against Honda
on the defects we know about and help us spot new ones.

We need you to support the Center for Auto Safety in our
fight for consumer rights and against poorly designed and unsafe cars.
Your contribution is tax-deductible
and entitles your to our quarterly newsletter, Lemon Times.
Please submit the membership form along with
your contribution and complaint. If you contribute $35 or more, we will
send you the current edition of The Ultimate Car Book, by Jack


Clarence M. Ditlow

Executive Director


Integra Legend CL RL TL NSX Vigor SLX MDX

(Technical Service Bulletins are listed in parentheses below.)

Parking brake does not fully release, 1993-94 Vigor (94-001); ABS Problem
Code 1 & leaking solenoid, 1987-90 Legend (89-022), 1990-91 Integra
(91-038) & 1991-92 NSX (92-014); Brake squeal, 1986-88 Legend (87-028)
& 1986-87 Integra (87-011); ABS pump runs often, 1987-89 Legend (89-029);
ABS reservoir overflows, 1987-89 Legend (89-016);.

Speed sensor failure, 1991-94 Legend (94-018); Unlocking door sets off
security alarm, 1991-93 NSX (93-007); Glove box light stays on, 1991-92
Legend (92-026); ABS problem code 1-8, 1991-92 Legend (91-031 & 92-023);
Driver's power seat memory loses position, 1989-90 Legend (92-015); Low
oil pressure flashes, 1986-90 Legend (90-013); Premature battery failure,
1986-89 Integra (91-003); Fuel temperature gauges erratic, 1988-90 Legend
(90-012); Low charge rate, 1986-88 Legend (89-018); Information center
displays: Distance to empty — N/A, 1988-89 Legend (89-010); Inaccurate
readout from information center, 1987-88 Legend (87-021); Ignition key/sunroof
warning beeper stays on, 1986-87 Legend (86-017).

Knock after cold start at 12-1500 rpms, 1991-93 Legend (93-006); Exhaust
system rattle, 1986-91 Integra (91-051); Camshaft oil seal leak, 1990-91
Integra (91-005); Snapping valve noise, 1990-91 Integra (91-008); No start
– Igniter failure, 1988-89 Integra (93-003); Excessive cranking to start,
1986-89 Integra (89-032).

Vehicle speed sensor failure, 1991-94 Legend (94-018); Steering wheel
shimmy, All Acura models (94-010); Car drifts to side, 1991 Legend (91-047
& 1992 vigor (92-024); P/S pump “swooshing” noise, 1991 Legend (91-034);
Off center steering wheel adj. All to 1990 (90-007); Steering wheel vibrates
during pre-delivery inspection test drive, All Acura models to 1990 (90-006);
Front steering knuckle clunk, 1986-87 Legend (87-033); Front suspension
noise, 1986-88 Legend (87-010).

Clicking noise while turning, 1986-93 Integra/1986-95 Legend (92-009);
Shudder during up/downshifts, 1986-87 Legend (88-001); No upshift past
2nd gear in A/T, All Legend to 1988 (88-008); A/T final drive noise, 1986-87
Legend (88-008); Upshift flare from 2nd to 3rd gear, 1988-89 Integra (89-031);

Tire noise, 1986-88 Legend (89-007); Buzzing noise from emissions control
box (A/T), 1991-92 Legend (92-021).


Copies of recalls may be obtained from NHTSA's Technical Reference Division
through the NHTSA Auto Safety Hotline at 888-327-4236.

11 1992 Legend – Passenger airbag made w/o propellant (92V-109).

3,700,000 1986-91 All – Buttons break on Takata seat belts (95V-103);
163 1996 SLX – Incorrect rear center buckle (96V-248).

20,000+ 1996-98 CL, RL, TL – Ball joints separate (99V-069)

14,230 1991 Legend, 10,000+ 1994 Integra – Shift indicator shows
incorrect gear (91V-065, 94V-063); 5,000+ 1998 CL – Park pawl doesn't
engage (98V-018); 1,117 1998 SLX – Drive shaft separates (98V-180.002);
96,617 1996-98 3.5 RL, 3.2 TL – Transmission disengages from differential

50,000+ 1986-87 Integra – Front W/S wiper loosens (88V-180); 163 1997
SLX – Wheel bearings seize (97V-035.002); 873 1996-97 SLX Brake line leak
(97V-092.002); 50,000+ 2000 Integra- Owners Manual lacks tire rating information

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