To protect drivers, NHTSA and Congress must adopt rules and standards for vehicle safety. Learn more:

General News

Seat Belts Still Missing From School Buses. The National Coalition for School Bus Safety. July 9, 2007. 

The Center Petitions NHTSA Over Cell Phone Use. Center for Auto Safety. March 25, 2009. 

Consumer Advocates Ask Auto Safety Agency To Make New Technologies Standard Equipment. Consumer Watchdog. January 13, 2015. 

Regulatory News

NHTSA Grants The Center’s Petition On Heavy Truck Automatic Forward Collision Avoidance. Center for Auto Safety. October 16, 2015.

Feds Reject Request To Require Seat Belts On School Buses. The Washington Post. August 25, 2011. 

Center For Auto Safety Opposes DOT Efforts To Weaken Vehicle Safety Rules. Center for Auto Safety. December 1, 2017.