Rear View Cameras Need to Be Acted On, Dr. Greg Culbransen, 9-25-13

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Greg Gulbransen is a pediatrician in New York.

Five years after my son Cameron died in a car crash, Congress passed a law, named after my boy, to ensure that such a tragedy never happened again. But five more years have passed, and the safety fix that Congress ordered completed by 2011 has been needlessly delayed. I’m suing the Obama administration to compel it to do what Congress directed.

One evening in 2002, as I backed my SUV into my driveway, I checked my rearview and side mirrors but there was something they could not show me: Cameron had followed me outside and standing, in his pajamas, directly behind my vehicle.

I thought my tragedy was a freak accident. But I soon learned that each week dozens of toddlers in the United States are struck by drivers backing up.

Rearview and side mirrors show a lot, but there is a large area directly behind every vehicle that can’t be seen by drivers.

Auto manufacturers have engineered a fix: the rear-view camera. But most cars don’t have them.

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