Missing In FARS

The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) provides NHTSA and Congress with yearly numbers on fatal motor vehicle crashes. However, some fatal incidents go unreported by the system. 

General News

Pushing To Close Gaps In Compiling Vehicular Deaths. The Washington Post. March 16, 2004. 

Vehicle Fire Data Have Some Experts Fuming. The Kansas City Star. December 11, 2005. 

Tot Fatally Burned, But Report Says ‘No Fire.’ Automotive News. December 13, 2010. 

Our Actions

Letter To NHTSA On FARS Underreporting Of Fire Deaths. Center for Auto Safety. October 1, 2002. 

Letter To NHTSA Administrator Re: National Accident Sampling System. Center for Auto Safety. November 24, 2010. 

Center Comments On Proposed Amendments To The Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria. Center for Auto Safety. June 20, 2016.