Choose Safety.

Since the Center for Auto Safety’s founding in 1970 as a voice for consumers to take on the giant auto companies, first in Washington and then across the country, the Center has grown through the support and generosity of individuals like yourself

Effective Advocacy.

For far less than an auto company pays for a single Super Bowl commercial, we have had many successes in the fight for the safety of car owners everywhere. Among our key accomplishments are:

  • Airbags in every vehicle
  • Lemon laws in every state
  • Free repairs in safety recall law
  • Passage of fuel economy standards
  • Landmark lawsuit upholding Clean Air Act recalls
  • Saved tire tread wear grading standards
  • Exposed secret warranties saving consumers billions
  • Legal victories mandating bridge inspections and construction zone safety rules
  • Recall of Ford Pinto, Firestone tires and Toyota’s for sudden acceleration
  • Child seat registration system
  • Law requiring tough new school bus safety standards
  • Laws against texting and talking on cell phones while driving in over 30 states

We do all of this good work on a shoestring budget, and all contributions to the Center for Auto Safety are tax deductible as the Center is a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Tax Code. Our taxpayer identification number is 52-0902868. If your company has a matching donation program, please provide this information to it so that you can stretch your donation to the benefit of the Center.

The Center processes all contributions through Stripe Payments. To make a donation by personal check, click here. To make a donation through a Donor Advised Fund, click here.