Jack Gillis and the Center for Auto Safety Reveal The Car Book's Best Bets for 2019


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February 22, 2019
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Available Online at TheCarBook.com

Washington, D.C. — Today, Jack Gillis and the Center for Auto Safety have released The Car Book’s Best Bets for 2019. The Car Book, in its 39th year, once again ranks the best vehicles in America. The Center for Auto Safety is making this resource more convenient to access than ever before. In addition to the traditional print version, The Car Book 2019 is now available online at TheCarBook.com. 

“For 39 years, my goal with The Car Book has been to provide all the information consumers need to make an informed, safe and reliable vehicle purchase,” said Gillis, a noted consumer advocate and auto safety expert. “Perhaps most importantly, the information and ratings are totally unbiased and advertising free.”
“Every year since 1981, we have had the great honor of collaborating with the legendary Jack Gillis to produce The Car Book,” said Center for Auto Safety executive director Jason Levine. “It has grown and matured over these almost 4 decades, becoming a more complete, richer, and user-friendly resource for new car buyers who are more interested in safety than moon roofs or cup holders. Now, in addition to the print edition, TheCarBook.com empowers a new generation of consumers with the most up-to-date and thorough information on one of the most critical purchases they will make—in a format that easier to access than ever before.”
Just like the ground-breaking print edition, TheCarBook.com provides today’s car buyer with in-depth ratings of the 2019 vehicles, The Car Book’s unique crash test ratings, comparative complaint ratings, and all of the information needed to make a smart, safe and informed vehicle purchase. For online users only, the site also includes over 1,000 used car ratings going back five years.
One of the most exciting aspects of online version is the Decision Wizard—an easy-to-use search function, which allows consumers to choose the most important aspects of their ideal vehicle. The Decision Wizard offers multiple search avenues, from size class and price range to crash test results, warranty ratings and safety features, all of which gives consumers the ability to easily choose the car that best fits their needs.
TheCarBook.com presents all the information consumers need to make an informed car purchase including: crash test ratings; rollover ratings; maintenance costs; lemon ratings; fuel economy ratings; insurance costs; reliability ratings; insights into safety and luxury add-ons; our unique Best Bets in each vehicle category; and much, much more. In order to make this critical data as widely available as possible, TheCarBook.com is available for just $9.99 for a month’s access. Consumers can also become members of the Center for Auto Safety, and in addition to supporting their lifesaving work, the annual $48 tax-deductible contribution provides access to TheCarBook.com for an entire year, along with other member benefits. The print edition of The Car Book is also available to members or at Amazon.com.
History of The Car Book
In 1980, under Jack Gillis’ direction while at NHTSA’s Office of Automotive Ratings, the government published the first edition of The Car Book. It instantly became the government’s most popular consumer guide. But under pressure from the car makers, who didn’t want this information made available to the public, the Reagan Administration killed the book. The next year, to the great consternation of the government and the auto industry, Gillis left NHTSA and continued publishing the book in cooperation with the Center for Auto Safety. The Car Book 2019 marks the 39th year of publication. Since Gillis and the Center began providing consumers with access to this information, the auto industry has been forced to respond: Cars have become safer, warranties have improved, and the government has adopted a simpler system for its crash ratings. As Madison Avenue Magazine said: “Jack Gillis is out to change the way Americans buy their cars.” And he has.
Over the last 49 years, the Center for Auto Safety has successfully led the fight for lemon laws in every state, airbags in every vehicle, and recall repairs being made at no cost to the consumer. The Center is a membership-driven organization headquartered in Washington, DC and is also home to the Safe Climate Campaign, which fights global warming by working for big, specific measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To learn more about the Center, please visit www.AutoSafety.org.