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Fuel-efficient vehicles benefit society by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making our air cleaner, and lowering consumer spending at the gas pump.

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Energy Bill Extends Oil-Wasting Fuel Economy Loophole

Center for Auto Safety
Natural Resources Defense Council
Public Citizen


Aug. 11, 2005

Energy Bill Extends Oil-Wasting Fuel Economy Loophole

Legislation Shields Automakers From Legal Challenge, Will Increase Oil Consumption

E.P.A. Holds Back Report on Car Fuel Efficiency


DETROIT, July 27 – With Congress poised for a final vote on the energy bill, the Environmental Protection Agency made an 11th-hour decision Tuesday to delay the planned release of an annual report on fuel economy.

A Winning Hybrid Shows the Way

Hybrids: Success of innovative foreign vehicles proves a bitter pill for American automakers.

By Larry Williams
Perspective Editor

April 17, 2005

If GM’s problems make you think America’s love affair with cars may over, you should stop by Russell Toyota on Route 40 West in Baltimore and have a chat with Andy Seidenman, the sales manager.

Big 3 play catch-up in the hybrid game

But automakers have different approaches

By Richard Truett
Automotive News / April 11, 2005

8 Engines That Missed

Automotive News / April 11, 2005