Small Claims Courts

Small claims courts, designed to provide a fast,
efficient and inexpensive way to resolve claims of individuals against
merchants or large corporations, are potentially a great resource to
consumers. They are one of the best ways for consumers to settle
disputes with a dealer, service station, repair shop, garage, or auto

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At Long Last: Easier and Safer Child Seat Installation

For years, parents
have struggled with proper child seat installation in their vehicles.
For years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
has struggled with finding a solution to this problem. Currently, approximately
80% of people make at least one significant error in using child restraint
seats. In addition, in the past few years there has been mounting frustration
with the effort required to properly install a child seat.

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Submit a Complaint

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Failures and Repairs

Date of failure Mileage at failure Total repair cost Amount manufacturer paid