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Since the Center for Auto Safety’s founding in 1970 as a voice for consumers to take on the giant auto companies, first in Washington and then across the country, the Center has grown through the support and generosity of individuals like yourself  Among our many accomplishments are:
    ✔    Airbags in every vehicle
    ✔    Lemon laws in every state
    ✔    Free repairs in safety recall law
    ✔    Passage of fuel economy standards

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Our Mission

The goal of the Safe Climate Campaign is to fight global warming by slashing greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this we run a tough advocacy campaign to accomplish three broad, mutually reinforcing interim goals:

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Commentaries by the Safe Climate Campaign

Tea Party Misses Target

(Richmond Times-Dispatch)

October 22, 2010

By Dan Becker and James Gerstenzang

WASHINGTON In their zeal to live free from outside interference, the Tea Parties are shooting at the wrong target.

They would be right to be angry with an oil industry poisoning their water, an auto industry polluting their air, and agribusiness providing unsafe food.

Instead they are attacking the government, the only entity that can protect their water, their atmosphere, their food.

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