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Tennessee law fuels used-car recall fight

Proponents of a new Tennessee law regulating sales of recalled vehicles call it a step forward in closing what some call the used-car loophole. Consumer and safety groups call it a sham that’s written not to protect consumers from dangerous cars, but to shield dealers from lawsuits. At issue is …

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On recalls, Honda goes the extra mile

WASHINGTON — It took a while for Honda Motor Co. to recognize the scope of its problem with bad Takata airbag inflators, but after it started issuing recalls, the company has led the way in finding affected vehicles and getting their owners to come in for repairs. The automaker has …

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Proposed recall database would aid notifications

WASHINGTON — Two trade associations representing major automakers are working to develop a unified industry database that would make it easier for states and other entities to collaborate on recalls. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers are negotiating a contract with an unidentified service provider …

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