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Driverless Car Bill May Return to Senate – Soon

Jason Levine, the executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, took issue with the original AV START Act for requiring few new standards on issues such as cybersecurity, crash data reporting, and safety. “To continue this hands-off approach only encourages a race to the bottom by non-traditional automakers getting …

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The star of ‘Aladdin’ claims a defect in his Tesla Model 3 led to his car wreck, and it comes from a problem area the company has known about for years

What safety advocates like Levine are looking for, though, is more transparency — and that goes for all automakers. They want to see fewer safety critical issues treated as performance or quality repairs, and they want more defects reported to third parties like the NHTSA. “From everything we’ve seen we …

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1 in 6 Uber and Lyft Vehicles Have Open Recalls

“Consumer advocates say Uber and Lyft, with their billion-dollar valuations and technological prowess, can—and should—do far more to ensure consumers are kept safe, and reduce the open recall rate. For example, some advocates point out that Uber and Lyft could use VINs to identify and ban vehicles with open recalls …

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