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Airbag Study Shows Huge Variation In Safety Records

July 3, 1997

Safety experts urge government to tell public which airbags are most dangerous

Washington, D.C. ... Public Citizen and the Center for Auto Safety today released a study revealing significant differences in the safety records of passenger-side airbag designs. The study analyses the auto models which have had the highest fatality rates in airbag crashes, and concludes that some cars are fitted with airbags much more dangerous than others.

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1994, Early 1995 Nissan Air Bags Continues to Jeopardize Passengers; Nissan, Government Must Act

Aug. 7, 2002 Statement of Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook

About a year and a half ago, Public Citizen and The Center for Auto Safety asked the federal government to investigate a spate of severe eye injuries caused by passenger-side air bags in the 1994 and early 1995 Nissan Altima and require a recall. We knew at that time that the air bag's design was defective and that it punched passengers in the eye when it inflates. We knew people were being blinded.

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Defective Nissan Altima Passenger-Side Air Bags Blind People

Defective Nissan Altima Passenger-Side Air Bags Blind People; 1994, Early 1995 Cars Should Be Recalled

Approximately 197,500 Vehicles Still on the Road; NHTSA Investigating

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Public Citizen and the Center for Auto Safety today called on the federal government to recall 1994 and early 1995 Nissan Altimas because their passenger-side air bags are defective and can cause blindness and permanent eye injuries. They also urged people who ride in those Nissan Altimas not to sit in the front passenger seats of the vehicles.

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Wyoming Lemon Law


Wyoming Statutes, 40-17-101

40-17-101 Definitions.

Express warranties; duty to make warranty repairs.

(a) As used in this section:

(i) "Consumer" means any person:

(A) Who purchases a motor vehicle, other than for purposes [purpose] of resale, to which an express warranty applies; or

(B) To whom a motor vehicle is transferred during the term of an express warranty applicable to the motor vehicle; or

(C) Entitled by the terms o

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West Virginia Lemon Law

West Virginia Code, 46A-6A-1 to 46A-6A-9

46A-6A-1 Legislative declarations.

(1)The Legislature hereby finds and declares as a matter of public policy that the purpose of this article is to place upon the manufacturers of motor vehicles the duty to meet their obligations and responsibilities under the terms of the express warranties extended to the consumers in this state.

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