Wisconsin Secret Warranty

218.0172 Motor vehicle adjustment programs.

(1) Definitions. In this section:

(a) “Adjustment program” means an extended policy program under which a manufacturer undertakes to pay for all or any part of the cost of repairing, or to reimburse purchasers for all or any part of the cost of repairing, any condition that may substantially affect motor vehicle durability, reliability or performance.

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Secret Warranties

Secret warranties are a multi-billion consumer abuse. Every auto company makes mistakes in building cars. Whether they are design defects that affect every car or whether they are manufacturing defects which affect only some cars, they must be repaired. The only question is who pays for the manufacturers’ mistakes, the manufacturer or the consumer. Although the auto manufacturer often establishes a secret warranty to pay for the repair, all too often it is the consumer who pays for the manufacturer’s mistake because the consumer never finds out about the secret warranty.

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Small Claims Courts

SMALL CLAIMS COURTSSmall claims courts, designed to provide a fast, efficient and inexpensive way to resolve claims of individuals against merchants or large corporations, are potentially a great resource to consumers. They are one of the best ways for consumers to settle disputes with a dealer, service station, repair shop, garage, or auto manufacturer.

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16 C.F.R PART 700-Interpretations of Magnuson Moss Warranty Act

700.1 Products covered.
700.2 Date of manufacture.
700.3 Written warranty.
700.4 Parties "actually making a written warranty.
700.5 Expressions of general policy.
700.6 Designations of warranties.
700.7 Use of warranty registration cards.
700.8 Warrantor’s decision as final.
700.9 Duty to install under a full warranty.
700.10 Written warranty, service contract, and insurance distinguished
for purposes of compliance under the Act.

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