Cops eye cruiser flaw in fatal crash

Crown Vic sometimes accelerated at random, Beverly chief says

By Paul Leighton and Amanda McGregor , Staff writer
Salem (MA) News, January 22, 2007

BEVERLY – The police cruiser that slammed into a parked car on Cabot Street
and killed a woman on Saturday had a history of problems with the
accelerator, according to police. Police Chief John Cassola said yesterday
that officers had complained about "random acceleration" problems with three

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No wrench required

Bad throttle in your Volvo? Oil sludge in your Saab? Audi won’t start? Car owners are using the Internet to investigate and share their cars’ ailments, and, in some cases, prod manufacturers into addressing problems that might otherwise be dismissed as isolated incidents.

A woman from Milburn, N.J., was fearful of her new car — and said so on the website

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