At Long Last: Easier and Safer Child Seat Installation

For years, parents have struggled with proper child seat installation in their vehicles. For years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has struggled with finding a solution to this problem. Currently, approximately 80% of people make at least one significant error in using child restraint seats. In addition, in the past few years there has been mounting frustration with the effort required to properly install a child seat.

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Secret NCAP Tests Reveal Child Seat Defects

Car seat tests reveal ‘flaws’ – 3/1/09 ‘Catastrophic’ Failure Leads to Seat Recall – 3/16/08 Evenflo Child Seat Recall 08C-002 Part 573 Defect Notice – 1/31/08 EXCEL Spreadsheet: 2007-08 NCAP Frontal and Side Testing with Highlighted Child Seat Separations  EXCEL Spreadsheet: 2007-08 NCAP Frontal and Side Child Seat Testing Results …

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Firestone Tires Courtesy of ABC MP4 Ditlow Explains the Ford Firestone Issue Courtesy of CAS MP4   Aging Problem Courtesy of ABC      

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