School Bus Seat Belts


For over 35 years Art Yeager has been active in many areas of motor vehicle safety with a special focus on school bus passenger protection inadequacies.

Working with such groups as the Center for Automotive Safety, Physicians for Automotive Safety, the National Coalition for School Bus Safety, and the PTA, Yeager has played a major role in the enactment of first in the nation State laws requiring installation of seat belts on school buses as well as laws to requiring school buses be equipped with high back padded seats, roof hatches and crossing gates. He has been in the forefront of efforts to achieve child restraint and seat belt laws, to require use of bicycle and moped helmets, was instrumental in passing State and Federal legislation raising the drinking age to 21, and providing for ice cream truck stop passing signs for ice cream trucks.

Yeager has been honored by the New Jersey Congress of Parents and Teachers, US Department of Transportation, the Governor's Highway Safety Award, New Jersey Honoree of the Year by Johnson and Johnson/Safe Kids, and the Safety Leader Award of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety.

Now a retired dentist, Art continues his efforts to make the highways safer.