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January 2001

Dear Consumer:

Thank you for contacting the Center for Auto Safety (CAS) about your Nissan Quest which is the twin of the Mercury Villager. Engineered by Nissan and built by Ford in Avon Lakes, Ohio since its introduction in 1992, the Villager and Quest are among the more reliable minivans sold.

The most trouble prone areas in the Villager and Quest have been the body and hardware which generate a host of squeaks, rattles, whistles and clunks. Sliding doors, power locks and windows are subject to sticking and other glitches. Of greater concern is the fuel system which has been subject to three recalls by Ford and two by Nissan. Both manufacturers had two recalls each for tail lights that did not function properly. However, the largest recall was for power windows that work with the ignition key in the off position, not a good thing for a family minivan that carries children. Rather than repairing the vehicle so this could not happen, Nissan and Ford sent out warning labels to owners that the power windows could operate for 15 minutes after the ignition is turned off.

You'll find more information on these and other Villager and Quest problems below and what you can do about them plus a complaint box. Your information will help us build a strong case as we fight for action on any new or unresolved problems in the Quest and its twin, the Villager.

We need you to support the Center for Auto Safety in our fight for consumer rights and against poorly designed and unsafe cars. Your contribution is tax-deductible which entitles you to our quarterly newsletter, Lemon Times. Please submit the membership form along with your contribution and complaint. If you contribute $35 or more, we will send you the current edition of The Ultimate Car Book, by Jack Gillis.


Clarence M. Ditlow
Executive Director

Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's) listed in brackets below are Ford; Nissan issues similar bulletins.

Body/Doors/Windows: Sliding door squeak/rattle, hard close, 1993-96 Villager (96-7-17); Body side windows don't stay closed, 1993-96 Villager (96-3-16); Liftgate P/lock actuator inoperative or noisy, 1994-97 Villager (97-19-14); Rough texture &/or orange/rust dots, 1994-99 Villager (95-6-1); Front door windows bind, 1994-97 Villager (97-12-6); Fog/film on W/S, 1994-97 Villager (96-22-1); P/door lock self-activates, 1996-98, 1999-00 Villager (98-23-6, 99-24-5); Wind whistling from front at 35mph or higher, 1995-96 Villager (96-23-14).

Brakes/Suspension: Rear suspension noise over bumps 1993-97 Villager (96-23-17, 97-17-19); Noise from vehicle rear 1993-96 Villager (97-1-11); Squeal or grind during light application, groan during release, 1994-97 Villager (98-5A-49).

Electrical: Poor acceleration, lack of idle response, 1993-95 Villager (95-10-10); Inoperative heated backlite, 1993-94 Villager (93-26-1); .

Engine/Driveability: Extended crank, no start, stalling 1993-96 Villager with 3.0L (96-25-22); Coolant leak below camshaft 1993-95 Villager with 3.0L (96-10-16); Stall while shifting out of Park, 1996-97 Villager (98-13-16); Knock in lower engine area after cold start, 1995-96 Villager (96-20-17)

Transmission: Overdrive gear whine, 1993-94 Villager (95-13-6); Inadvertent disabling of brake shift interlock, 1995-99 Villager (99-13-9); Whine from transaxle on light acceleration, 1994-98 Villager (98-17-8); Difficulty moving shift lever from Park, 1996-97 Villager (97-7-14)

Other: Rear view mirrow detaches 1993-95 Villager (94-17-2); A/C compressor failure 1994-96 Villager (97-10-5); Ventilation blower motor chirp or squeak 1993-97 Villager (97-6-10); Rear bench seat squeak or rattle 1993-96 Villager (96-14-12); Rear wiper motor fails 1993-95 Villager (95-5-20); Fuel odor in passenger compartment, 1994-98 Villager (97-26-16); Fuel pump buzz or whine in radio, 1993-99 Villager (96-3-7, 98-7-3, 99-12-9);Low or no A/C in high temperatures, 1994-97 Villager (98-20-16); A/C musty or mildew odors, 1994-99 Villager (99-19-5, 97-14-19); Airbag warning light flashes, 1996-97 Villager (96-7-25, 97-7-11); Loose catalyst or muffler shield, 1997-99 Villager (98-20-10); Special TSB on noise, vibration, harshness, 1995-99 Villager (99-11-1); Seat belt guide broken on right side of 3rd row seat, 1996-97 Villager (97-1-9).

(Copies may be obtained from NHTSA's Technical Reference at 202-366-2768.)

Brakes: Partial brake failure due to master cylinder damage, 3,500 1993 Villager, 500 1993 Quest (92V-132.002, 92V-132.001).

Electrical: P/window works with key in off, 57,400 1996 Villager, 46,500 1996 Quest (98V-012.001, 98V-012.001); Rear tail lamp will not illuminate, 36,000 1995 Villager, 25,000 1995 Quest (96V-253.001, 96V-253.002).

Fires: Filler hose leaks 10,800 1993 Villager, 4,900 1993 Quest (92V-172.001, 92V-172.002); Debris in cowl air intake ignites 48,053 1993 Villager, 27,000 1993 Quest (95V-222.001, 95V-222.002); Fuel connector hoses crack 1,300 1997 Villager (96V-203); Fuel tank separation, 3,800 1999 Villager, 1,600 1999 Quest (99V-205.001, 99V-205.002).

Seats/Seatbelts: B-pillar automatic belt track insecurely fastened, 3,500 1993 Villager, 1,500 1993 Quest (92V-133.002, 92V-133.001); Seat latch engages improperly 6,600 1995 Villager, 2,000 1995 Quest (96V-089.001, 96V-0089.002); Captain's chair lacks adequate lubrication, 2,100 1999 Villager, 1,600 1999 Quest (99V-056.001, 99V-056.002).

Other: W/S mislabeled, 17 1994 Villager (94V-142); Batteries have defective negative post, 6,000 1997-98 Villager, 66 1997 Quest (97V-184.001, 97V-184.002); Tail light socket will not retain bulb, 42,000 1999 Villager, 30,000+ 1999 Quest (99V-347.001, 99V-347.002).

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